5 Tips for Getting the Most Rewards on Black Friday


1. Set a budget.
Spending more than you can afford might mean making a minimum payment.  Any time you don’t pay your credit card bill in full, you are depleting the value of the rewards you’ve earned by paying interest.

2. Shop at a credit card mall.
Besides the benefit of being able to shop without crowds in your pajamas, you can get major rewards by shopping at a credit card mall.  Not only will you get the Black Friday deals that are available online, but you’ll also get cash back from your purchases because you shopped through your card’s mall. One of the best credit card malls for getting cash back is ShopDiscover, at which you can get up to 20% cash back.  Also, Chase Freedom is offering 10% cash back when card users shop at select department stores through their Ultimate Rewards credit card mall.

3. Research your credit card to find out about time sensitive deals. 
Some credit card deals have special reward offers during this particular time of the year. Discover IT card has 5% cash back on online purchases October through December, so if you use this card it’s probably in your best interest to wait for Cyber Monday. The Chase Freedom card’s eligible 5% cash back categories for this quarter are Amazon and select department stores. Using this card to shop at Amazon on Cyber Monday is a great way to get the most from your rewards, as well as targeting the specific eligible department stores on Black Friday.

4. Wait until Cyber Monday for browsing
There may be deals on Black Friday that are just too good to pass up so by all means, fight the crowds to get the best deal.  However, after you purchase these items that you “must have”, wait for Cyber Monday to browse for other items. The online deals on Cyber Monday are often comparable to that of Black Friday.  And a lot of reward credit cards offer valuable reward deals for shopping online. Check with your merchant credit card company to determine if  online shopping is rewarded at a higher rate.

5. Use Reward Summit with every Black Friday purchase.
To truly get the most rewards with every Black Friday purchase, make sure you log every purchase with your Reward Summit app, so we can tell you which of your reward credit cards will benefit you most. Our app makes getting the most rewards so easy!

By : Kelly Davis /November 22, 2013 /How To /Comments Off

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