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Use Foursquare for Automatic Card Recommendations

Use Foursquare for Automatic Card Recommendations

Do you use FourSquare?  If so, you can get instant recommendations in seconds by linking your Foursquare Account to your RewardSummit app. If you check in while you’re out shopping, buying that cup of coffee, or trying out the latest hot restaurant, a quick, one-time 30-second setup will get you instant push notifications featuring the best card for your current purchase!

It’s easy to set up. Here’s how:

1. Open up Reward Summit, tap on the reports icon, then click on the gear icon in the upper-right hand corner to get to your account settings:

4sq_1 4sq_2 2. Tap the “Connect” button next to the FourSquare logo: 4sq_3 3. A window will open from FourSquare. You may be prompted for your FourSquare username and password. Enter your information if prompted, then you’ll be asked to allow Reward Summit to connect with FourSquare. Tap “Allow”: 4sq_4 Next time you check in using FourSquare, you’ll get a push notification telling you the best card to use for that location: 4sq_5 It’s that easy. You should still consult the Reward Summit app on a routine basis and for big purchases so you can see how all your cards stack up and learn about new credit cards that can save you even more. If you’re a FourSquare user, this is a great way to get recommendations for your everyday transactions.  

Remember – those rewards add up!  Integrating RewardSummit with FourSquare takes seconds, and over the course of a year, this could earn you hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars in points!

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Transaction Aggregation

Get Better Rewards From Your Credit Cards

We at Reward Summit strive to make the absolute BEST recommendation possible.  That means telling you the right card to use for a given transaction, and also telling you the right card to own over time.



We make it easy to tell the best card you own, and the best card overall

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Intuit to make our recommendations EVEN MORE CORRECT.  The process is simple; you pick the cards that you’ve already setup, and the app will walk you through the process, as described here.  You can also log in to our website if you’ve created an account.  Once you login, go here and click on each card you own.  There’s a link to Intuit button on each credit card that will walk you through the process.  If you have any issues setting your card up, please email us at info at rewardsummit dot com.  We’ve had literally thousands of people signup the past few weeks, and it works well for 99% of them. But we do occasionally have to help our customers through the process.

Why You NEED This

Card programs are complex.  Do you know if you’ve spent $6,000 this year groceries?  How about $1,500 on gas between July and September?  We could go on and on with examples like these, but you probably already know this.  The reality is if we don’t know how much you’ve spent, we may tell you to use a card for a reward that is already maxed out.

Furthermore, your spending patterns change over time.  Chances are very good that there is a card out there that matches your patterns better than what’s in your wallet.  If we know the transactions that you’ve run on your card, we can run a report that tells you exactly how much MORE MONEY you would have earned just by adding a card.

In both cases, if we know more about your transaction history we can make better recommendations that put free money, points, and miles into your wallet.  Oh yea, and the service we use is secure and respects your privacy.  We store no identifying information about you or any of your accounts.   Download the app today or the plugin, link in your accounts, and start saving MONEY!


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Best Credit Card for College Students: The Discover IT Card

Best Credit Card for College Students: The Discover IT Card


Apply for the Discover IT Card Today!


If you’re a college student looking to build your credit, you might be in a bit of a bind: credit card companies only grant cards to people with good credit, but you have…no credit.

No matter how much money you have in the bank, or how responsible you’ve been with your finances, you’re still going to get rejected by almost all major credit card companies.

To make matters worse, the credit cards you can get approved for are worse than no card at all: extremely high interest rates, low credit limits, and severely punitive payment policies.

Fortunately, there’s one excellent card that almost any college student can obtain.

Why we’re in love with the Discover IT Student Credit Card:

We at Reward Summit put every card we review through the ringer, testing it against multiple criteria to make sure it’s appropriate for all our users.  If you’re a college student looking to build your credit, here’s why the Discover IT is your best bet:

Interest Rate: Ranging from 10.99% to 22.99%, the Discover is neither terrible nor amazing – simply standard.  But it’s much better than the 22%+ cards we’ve seen being offered to college students elsewhere.

Introductory APR: 0% for the first 14 months.  14 months is a longer grace period than anything we’ve seen offered – meaning you have a chance to build your credit and get comfortable using the card before you need to start paying interest.

No Annual Fee: You don’t want to pay for your credit, especially when you’re in college.  The Discover IT has no annual fee.

Negligible Penalties:  If you pay your card late, or go over your limit, you won’t have to pay any penalties to Discover.  While responsible card usage is a must, it’s still nice to know that you won’t be paying out the nose if you miss a payment by a day or go over by a few bucks.

Credit Limit: Most students receive at least $1,000 in credit, which can be built over time.  This is far more generous than any other card we’ve seen being offered to college students.

Rewards:  We wouldn’t be Reward Summit if we didn’t talk about rewards!  The Discover IT offers 1% cash back on every purchase you make, plus 5% cash back on rotating purchases throughout the month.  This is a great credit card rewards program – period.

Apply for the Discover IT Card Today!



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Rack up Rewards

I love rewards credit cards.  I have developed a simple formula that routinely pays me thousands of dollars a year.  The formula started years ago when I was doing a lot of travel for an IT consulting shop I used to lead, but now that we have built Reward Summit, I’ve refined the formula based on data from many thousands of users across the world.

First and foremost, what I recommend here does not apply to you if you are carrying a balance on your credit card.  PLEASE PAY OFF YOUR CREDIT CARD DEBT BEFORE YOU WORRY ABOUT REWARDS.  The APR on most cards dwarfs anything you would ever get on a  rewards card.

The key is to get the right credit cards. I will make some basic recommendations here.

You should definitely be carrying a Chase Freedom  and a Discover It.  These cards have rotating categories each quarter that pay back 5% on up to $1,500 in purchases.  That means you get $600 each year from the two cards on $12,000 of purchases.

Next, get an American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card.  This card pays a staggering 6% on the first $6,000 worth of grocery store purchases per year ($360 per year).  It also pays 3% at department stores and gas stations, which adds up QUICKLY.

If you shop at Target, you should get a Target store card.  This card pays 5% back on your Target purchases.

And finally, you should consider a card for all other purchases.  There are two that I like here.  The Cap One Quicksilver  pays 1.5% cash back on all purchases.  Or, if you prefer miles, the Barclay Card Arrival card pays 2 miles per dollar spent.

As I mentioned, these are some basic cards; there is an even better approach.  Download Reward Summit  and tell it what cards you have right now.  You can then link in your cards with Intuit and the app will analyze your transactions for you.  It will recommend the best cards for your ACTUAL spending patterns.  Then make sure you use the app every time you make a purchase.  It will make sure you maximize your rewards, and it will recommend different cards for you to own over time.



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